Haircare products

Syndet Shampoo Bars:

As we work towards reducing our carbon footprint, reap the benefits of regular shampoo without water mainly used as a filler or harsh sulfates that can dry your hair out. These pH-balanced bar creates a great lather than gently cleanses and maintain your hair. Formulated with plant keratin, a kind alternative to animal keratin, which enhances elasticity, protects from harsh chemical processes, helps to make the hair look healthy and shiny. This product comes in the following aromas: Hibiscus Rose-Normal to Dry Hair, Peppermint-Normal to Oily Hair, and Charcoal Detox-Clarifying Bar (Environmentally Package Free)

Hair Conditioning Bars

Our package free Conditioning Bars offers a buttery, super moisturizing, conditioner enriched with organic cocoa, Kokum and mango butters that provide nourishment for the hair shaft. Traditional conditioners contain 60-80% water. This product comes in the following aromas: Hibiscus Rose-Normal to Dry hair, Peppermint-Normal to Dry Hair, Charcoal Detox- Anti-fungal (Environmental Package free)

Hair Serum

Moisture Lock Hair Oil

Hair Butter

Soft with no waxy build up, ideal for all hair types especially dry/chemically treated hair. Conditions add shine to locs and braids. Great as a style protector for hot combs and curling irons.


Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease nor are they edible. Be aware of ingredients that you may have sensitivity to, if you’re allergic to a plant or flow chances are you will be sensitive to the essential oil of said plant or flower including citrus. We do offer coconut oil and shea butter free options, just send a note with your order or send us an email with your preferences.

Place a small amount product on clean skin over a 24hr period to patch test for sensitivity if unsure. Discontinue use and consult a physician if irritation occurs

Due to health and hygienic policies, no refunds or returns will be offered on any bath and body products if the seal has been damaged or broken. Please be sure to read all ingredients prior to purchasing and if you have any questions on the product, please ask before purchasing. We are happy to discuss the ingredients list but will not disclose the recipe in full.